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Understanding the Challenges of ELL Assessment

            The articles read for this paper outlined many of the challenges of ELLs and assessments. My understanding of the challenges of ELLs and assessments begins in the classroom. In the classroom, teachers have to assess ELLs on many skills. These skills are related to listening, language, speaking, and writing. As teachers, we know that ELLs progress at different rates among the language sub-skills and these are not always equally proficient. ELLs have various experiences learning styles and real-life experiences. In reflection, I think about the ELLS proficiency in the English language to actually listen and speak. If they are new to the United States, they may not be able to understand any language at all. This could create problems in learning conversation and context language in English. .
             From the classroom, the teacher must offer different types of assessing based on the content knowledge. Teachers use assessments (instrument or tool) and evaluation (summative). What the teacher does in the classroom with ELLs affects their assessment; therefore reaching a grade based on proficiency. We need to ensure the success of ESOL students and content is learned proficiently. We need to take into consideration the ESOL student's level of the English language. Again, if the ELL is not able to read English or have problems learning the content, they will not test as proficient even if they know the content in their native language. .
             In reading the "FCAT Accommodations" article, ELL students are provided several accommodations for testing. The FCAT is usually administered by the ESOL or heritage language teacher, which is monitored closely with the ESOL District Coordinator. The ELLs are given extra time to complete the FCAT, but it has to be completed in one day. They are also provided with an English-heritage language or heritage language to English dictionary for use, but not both. They are tested in a separate room with an ESOL teacher, and parents must approve these accommodations.

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