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A Special Memory - The Beach

            I decided to go to the beach on last summer. I was very excited to enjoy this vacation after long year of hard work and study. In this trip, I was enjoying the wondrous beauty of the mother earth. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Perhaps, the most beautiful time of the beaches is in the dawn. When I was driving on the way to the beach, I felt the salty breeze that carried from the aroma of the sea. The beautiful glowing sun rise slowly over me, hovering like a ripe orange radiate light and breathed life into the sea, bringing a gleaming light to the beautiful sand and sea. Everything likes being illuminated. It was vibrant long after a night of sleep. A radiant pink streak on the horizon, growing until a road paving petal pink, radiant from there to us. Sea surface sparkling pink dress, as far as faded. Looking directly up at it, I closed my eyes tightly as the intense bright whiteness of the sun blinds me. Then, like a miracle, the round, big and red sun was rising out of the sea, majestic views on every side. Everything at sea, on land, the houses, the trees, the human face, all bathed in the pink light of its election. The sun gets higher, the pink diminished until only a dazzling color. Full of bright sea surface piece looking at the eyes ache. In the distance, the blue and smooth sea was slightly heaving up and down. The boat with white sails moving very slowly. Nearer the coast as undulating waves glide. Behold a high waves suddenly crept up, eager to move quickly to shore, it's a hard pat on the sand and then slowly recede. But a wave from outside came in waves leaping before we met, and jump up very high, as the sun splashed up white foam with the drone hectic. In the sky, the seagull birds were folding and on the sand, the crabs were crawling horizontal.
             While the waves continue the tirelessly game that they were running, people waded into the sea rushing, and cried loudly when the waves encounter a jump over.

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