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Canada v the USSR

            The Soviet Union and Canada have many things in common, but economically the two nations differ greatly. The Canadian economy is a model economy. The Soviet Unions economy is based on an ideology that was far too experimental. The debate between the Soviet command system and the Western mixed market system will not rest in the near future. .
             To run a proper economy certain objectives must be dealt with. Canada, which is a country that follows a mixed market economy, must manage the economy while dealing with its eight major objectives: Full employment, stable prices, balance of trade, economic growth, economic justice, economic freedom, economic efficiency, and a reasonable level of federal and provincial debt. .
             Canada extracts and processes many natural resources. It manufactures many capital resources and although the population is small, many Canadian companies have managed to work more efficiently and have made the lack of human resources a non-factor, which allows for an increase in employee salaries. The economy produces goods such as motor vehicles and parts, mineral fuels, machinery, wood products, paper, electrical equipment, cereals, etc All these products are produced with the contribution of the federal and provincial governments" effort and the buyers and sellers of the Canadian resources. Not only that, because Canada is a mixed market economy it is dictated by the people and to a lesser extent the government. Canada's most prevalent economic system is the pure market system, which provides the answer to the three major questions. What will be produced is determined by the buyers wants. How it's produced is determined by competition among producers. Everything produced in Canada is produced as efficiently as possible. The consumers by purchasing goods and services from the producers who offer them what they want at competitive prices. Everything produced in Canada is produced as efficiently as possible.

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