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The American Gilded Age

            By the end of the 1800s, many problems in America as a result from rapid industrialization, immigration, and urbanization. One of the problem that came from the industrialization was the factory work. Most workers worked for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. They were paid by the numbers of finished products, not the time they worked. For example, they just got a few cents for a garment or a number of cigars. This is a system called piecework which means people who worked the fastest and made the most amounts of products earned the most money. They were not only working for long time but under harsh and poor conditions in a place called sweatshop. Another problem was monopoly, which means to control all phases of steel industry. In order to do monopoly, a business needed to bought its competitors out or took them out of business. The purpose of monopoly is when consumers got no places to turn for a given product, the company had the right to raise the prices. Vertical Consolidation was an example for monopoly and a process that controlled all steps used raw materials to make products. As a result, the company had lower production costs. A big company could have lower prices than its competitor and small business. This led to the smaller companies would have no chance to compete with the company that took the lead. They could not lower the prices because they did not have enough money to pay all the phases of production.
             Immigration offered many problems that left bad effects. One of them was Adapt. It was acculturation that holded on to old tradition while adapting to a new culture. The immigrants had to go to American schools not only to learn the language but also to be educated as Americans. They had to adapt the customs either. Adults worked at the factories. Political system told them who was the boss and they had to listen to that person. Religions and family structures were not changed at all.

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