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Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey by Maya Angelou

            Maya Angelou's book "Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now" resonates with my thoughts as a professional counsellor always. Counselling is a profession that sometimes gets difficult to understand. A successful counsellor is one who goes into a session confident and competent. One who listens and is not quick to judge others. The fundamental goal of a counsellor is to empower the client to make appropriate and rational decisions on how to deal life situations. Professional counsellor apply mental health, behavioral and cognitive intervention strategies to address effectively the personal growth and wellness of an individual (Herr & Cramer, 2008). Maya Angelou reflects on life teachings that help people to discover themselves and rejuvenate their energy when faced with issues in their life. .
             In her book she discusses her faith in God, value of charity, and the deaths of loved ones. These are fundamental aspects of most people in the society. In order to understand the behavior of people, counsellors must be in a position to understand the various aspects that shape the livelihood of most people. Angelou also includes parts of her childhood and how it was like in Stamps. She also reminiscences of being a single mother. In the contemporary society, single motherhood is a major issue. Most single mother often seek counselling from professional counsellors. Single motherhood has numerous challenges ranging from financial issues to problems with the kids who are seeking their identity Angelou, M. (1993). The book addresses the events that took place in Angelou life and how they shaped her life to where she is today; an icon.
             As a professional counselor, I often have clients who are depressed and have lost a sense of their being. Without appropriate assistance, these people can end up hurting themselves or their loved ones (Heppner et al., 2000). Angelou in her book tells us how she was able to cope with the various problems and challenges she faced as a single mother.

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