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Adam Sandler - Actor and Comedian

            Acting is the ability to become a certain character for the intention of performing in a film, play, etc. Many actors can perform different roles and portray diverse characteristics under many difficult circumstances. Actors generally may have serious or funny personalities that may have them stick to a certain style of acting, such as: badass, comedian, lover, etc. Adam Sandler is an extremely successful entertainer, musician, screenwriter, entrepreneur and film producer. He began his career as a comedian who soon became a cast member on Saturday Night Live. This landed him roles in many major films and turned him into the beloved actor we've come to know him as. A few of Adam Sandler films which he was featured in are, The Longest Yard (2005), & Click (2006). As well as being featured in a Drama, Punch-Drunk Love (2002), these movies portray the depth of his individual acting.
             The Longest Yard was a remake of a hit movie from 1975 starring Burt Reynolds. Due to the high success of the original The Longest Yard, Adam Sandler dealt with high expectations to make this movie a hit as well. Even though the Critics didn't give Sandler's remake a generous review, the majority of the audience, 62% according to Rotten Tomatoes liked this movie. The movie was filled with racist scenes and extensive foul language. This to the critics wasn't a great feature, but to many of the young crowd who watched it, it was a very enjoyable film. On top of that, the movies cast was filled with rappers, wresters and retired NFL stars. From a young adults perspective this may be the coolest thing and probably caused lots of laughter, but from a more experienced perspective it came across as tacky, mediocre, and unoriginal. Adam Sandler may have also been influenced and exited to work with a fellow Saturday Night Live cast member, Chris Rock, as well many other popular entertainers. .
             Adam Sandler in retrospect has taken on very few serious roles throughout his career.

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