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The Ten Design Principles

            The first design principle is the primacy of self-discovery. This design principle to me is about challenging kids in school but also helping them when they need help. It also mean to me that kids learn to the best of their ability when they are put in situations that challenges them and also helps them discover how they learn in and outside of school. The second design principle is to have wonderful ideas. This design principle to me is about teaching kids in schools to be curious and use their heads more. It also means that kids should spend more time thinking about the question and try to think more outside the box rather them just speeding through it and getting the answer wrong. The third design principle is the responsibility for learning. To me this design principle means that kids should not just be responsible for learning but also staying social inside and outside of school. It also means to me is that you should learn by yourself and you should also learn in a group so you can pick up some ideas about the work and so you can also share your own ideas on the subject. I think that the teachers should also be responsible for learning because so the teachers could teach the way the students need. The fourth design principle is empathy and caring. The design principle means that kids learn best when they feel like their teacher cares and shows that they want to help them out. It also means that the kids should also care about their work and show that they really want to try. I also think it means that kids work best when the feel safe at school and that they don't have to worry about anything so they can just concentrate on their work. To me this means that kids need to fail to learn from their mistakes so next time they can get a better grade. I also think they need success so they know that they can do it and so they know that they are doing well in school.
             ┬áThe sixth design principle is collaboration and competition.

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