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Suzanne Collins - Research Essay

            Suzanne Collins is an American writer who is able to influence a large range people about the way they look at the society they live in. She comments on our modern world while entertaining readers in the best ways. Her stories include love, adventure and passion and her readers are able to fully connect and empathize with the characters and their stories. Collins has wrote books, plays, movie scripts and TV shows, and this allowed readers of all ages to enjoy her work. Her life has impacted her work so it is very personal to everyone. Collins traveled around the world at a young age, inspiring her to write novels that critics regard as to critical on todays society. .
             Collins was born in Hartford Connecticut in 1962. She was a child in a family of four, two sisters and one brother. Her father was an Airforce Pilot, who thought it was important his children knew all about war. So, along with moving them all around the country for his job, he taught them the ins and outs of war. They learned especially about his deployment to Vietnam. (Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 1) Through her young life, Collins developed a love for writing. (Famous Authors 1) This impacted her choices further on in her life. After moving around often when she was younger, Collins ended up in the south. Then, in 1980, she graduated from the Alabama School of fine arts. In 1985, she enrolled in Indiana University. She graduated with a major of Theater and Communications. Finally, She got her masters in dramatic writing from New York University with the goal of becoming an author. She writes as her career and is married to, Cap Pryor, an actor. She was two children and lives in Connecticut. Although Collins is quite famous, she is extremely private about her personal life. (Famous Authors 1) .
             Collins lives and writes in today's time. But this does not mean that all of her work is placed in todays time period. Much of her work is futuristic, while it is influenced by works from the past, such as The Lord of the Flies and some Greek mythology.

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