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Absolut Vodka - Image Description

            The image depicts a giant bottle of Absolut Apeach vodka with the words "Find Your Flavor" floating above. The bottle has a silver cap on the top and some kind of symbol on it. The bottle also has white words written down it in cursive and at the bottom "IMPORTED" is printed larger and bolder in print. Around the upper portion of the bottle, there appears to be slices of a peach along with some spritzy bubbles floating about. Also behind the giant bottle of vodka the sky appears to be a sunset with beams of light coming up from behind the bottle. In the background rough, jagged mountains seem to be emerging from a dessert. The whole entire background and the bottle convey the color of peach in a sunset setting. .
             Directly on the sides of the enormous vodka bottle, there are two groups of people. The people are much smaller compared to the size of the bottle. You can maybe depict that some of the people are male and some are female, but they are only black like shadows and do not have much detail to them. However, the all black people appear to be interacting or talking to each other. They give the sense that they are at a laid back setting such as a party or club atmosphere. .
             Other people are also depicted in this image. There are two couples that stand out away from the unknown people. Both couples are different races. They may possibly be African American and Caucasion, but it is difficult to decipher. One couple is placed very close to the bottle, just on the upper left hand side of it. They seem to be making some kind of contact and one may even have a drink in their hand. The male appears to be African American and is wearing a white shirt and white shorts with dark shoes. The female seems to have dark hair and is wearing a dark shirt and dark pants. The other couple is placed farther away from the giant bottle around the upper right hand side of the image. They appear to be making conversation and are facing each other.

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