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Letter to the Department of the Treasury

             I am currently enrolled in a Principles of Finance class at Jesse BetheI High School. I am writing to you today about the importance of financial literacy. Many Americans don't know much about the financial world and continue to get scammed. With this knowledge we students will be prepared to face the real world challenges without being tricked or robbed of our hard eared money. Being financially literate also benefits us at all stages of life. Savings are really important to majority of us and being well educated about the financial world can be helpful.
             There are many reasons why financial education is important. To begin, financial education helps us avoid fraud and gives us the knowledge to make appropriate decisions. Being financially literate is a big step into avoiding frauds because sometimes people get overwhelmed by big words and assume that the person that is scamming them is probably really intelligent and knows what he or she is doing. Little do they know that not paying attention or not taking the Principles of Finance class has cost them a lot money that could be used on something more meaningful. Teenagers these days don't really think about money like an adult would because they take it for granted. Most teenagers would probably be getting scammed while buying something off of someone and still wouldn't care. This class helps us realize how much money we let go without even trying to save it. According to, Citizens Advice, about 4 million people are scammed a year. That is a lot of people being scammed, imagine that rate lower by maybe 50%, I believe that this class will help my generation learn more about real life financial scenarios and how to manage them without losing all of their money.
             Secondly, being financially literate benefits us all throughout our life. It might seem like teenagers don't have to be financially literate but they do because many of us make irrational l decisions every day.

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