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Brighton Rock by Graham Greene

            Graham Greene, the author of the novel 'Brighton Rock' uses a variety of methods to create narrative interest in what can be described as 'bleak', 'depressing' or 'hopeless' material. Greene uses the idea of setting, characters, dialogue and language techniques such as juxtaposition, euphemism or contrast to create the narrative interest in the reader. It is significant to comment on the development of what might be viewed as bleak, depressing and hopeless material and how that is effective. All of the three adjectives can be associated with the same image of misery, sadness and desperation which as readers can link to some of the scenes or characters in the novel. .
             The use of the setting allows to create narrative interest to present what might be considered to be bleak, depressing and hopeless. The disturbing images we are presented with such as 'the grinning skeletons' which builds strong emotions in the readers as it suggests the hidden crimes that are not seen by normal citizens, it also foreshadows the death of Pinkie and Spicer in the play showing that Brighton was their destined place to die. It gives the reader an idea of a 'hopeless' town where all of the dark secrets and deaths are covered and there is no hope for Brighton to see a brighter light again for things to get better. Also the idea of 'skeletons' being 'hidden under the Aquarium promenade' is an euphemism and again emphasizes the fact that all of the crimes and tragic events are hidden from the outside world as if it is a secret that only the dark side of Brighton is able to manipulate and control which creates an effect on the reader and makes them see the dark side of Brighton as 'depressing' and 'bleak'. This also creates the idea of murder, manipulation and tragedy from the beginning of the novel which builds up on the idea of Brighton being a hopeless place and engages the reader to explore it more as the novel continues.

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