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Macbeth - The Tragic Hero

            Tragic heroes are characters pitied by the audience, as they undergo suffering through their mistakes. More so, these characters learn from their journeys as they portray a combination of both good and bad qualities, disregarding the idea of being just a villain or a hero. The protagonist from William Shakespeare's Macbeth undergoes a series of disastrous events bringing upon his downfall. His doubtful thoughts, courageous qualities and obsession towards his ambition drives the audience to believe that Macbeth is a tragic hero. .
             As the thought of holding power is overwhelming enough for Macbeth to put himself in doubt, the hesitation towards his selfish actions brings out his moral attributes, pushing him deeper into the feeling of guilt. Macbeth's desires require him to commit horrific acts, but the goodness within barricades him. Although he is labelled as a brave man on the battlefield, he does not have the ability to dishonor the King and see his nation in pain. "My thought, whose murder yet but fantastical, Shakes so my single state of man that function" (1.3.139-140). Despite coming to the reasoning that murder is the only way to take the King's place, Macbeth is struck by confusion as he cannot commit such an evil crime. He fears the thought of murdering a man for his own selfish reasons as he is the same man that has honored him. At first, Macbeth remains faithful to the King and declines Lady Macbeth's cunning scheme to put an end to his life. He also later reveals his concern with the welfare of his nation, justifying the idea that he is a caring man. Similarly, once being persuaded by his wife and executing the condemning crime, Macbeth feels a great amount of guilt and sorrow. "Macbeth says, following Duncan's death, about the emptiness of achievement, [and] the lack of prosperity" (Maynard 6). Alas, Macbeth is given the title of King, but in place of satisfaction, he feels troubled, nonetheless regretful towards his actions.

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