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Film Notes - Grand Canyon

            Lawrence Kasdan's film Grand Canyon metaphorically represents the differences between the low class and the high class. There is insight into the lives of several characters' that allow them to figure out why the characters behave and feel a certain way. Each character's class is determined by the following: clothing, housing, and occupation. In order to distinguish each class, we must look at Paul Fussell's guide titled Class which points out and specifically explains the characteristics within each class. According to the text, research persuaded Fussell that there are nine social classes in total (Fussell 27). Mack, a respectable upper middle class immigration lawyer, lives in a well-off neighborhood and in an extravagant house with both his wife and son. In the beginning of the Grand Canyon movie, Mack meets a mid-to-high proletarian (prole) tow-truck driver whose name is Simon. The friendship between them clicked and they both became closer friends as the movie gradually proceeded.
             Mack's clothing choices signal that he lives comfortably, and also that he is living the lifestyle of an upper middle. He oftentimes wears a tie showcasing a subtle design which is pointed out in Fussell's text: "The ties worn by the top classes [rely] on stripes, amoeba-like foulard blobs, or small dots to make the point that the wearer possesses too much class to care to specify right now out in front what it's based on" (Fussell 67). Rarely does he wear an outfit that does not include a tie or suit; most mid-prole people would not be able to sustain such a thing. Fussell lists materials that are popular among the upper middle class that includes cotton, wool, and leather. Mack more than likely wears clothes made out of the most organic materials available. Paul Fussell says, "Organic materials like wool, outrank mad-made [materials] like nylon" (Fussell 71). Mack is also much more expendable with his wardrobe.

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