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Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

            In Catch-22, by Joseph Heller, madness has a sort of a double meaning. The madness in this novel is witnessed as well as experienced by Yossarian, the protagonist. The insanity, which occurs, exists due to tragic war that Yossarian does not want to be a part of. Looking at the true case and Yossarian's perspective, one can recognize that the apparent madness in this novel is actually a wholesome rationality and logic. Since the beginning of this novel, Yossarian's insane and mad tendencies become immediately apparent to the readers. The novel, is very concentrated on the bizarre decisions that Yossarian makes in order to avoid simply fighting in the war. Yossarian hates the war so much that he doesn't even make an effort to contribute and help his fellows. For example, at the beginning of the novel Yossarian is in the hospital and is faking a liver sickness that has the potential to prove that he is incapable of taking part in combat. Also, while on call with a pilot in the squad named Kid Simpson, Yossarian acts like he cannot hear the pilot over intercom, and commands Kid Simpson to turn away from their Bologna, in order to evade taking part in any missions. He took these measures simply because of defective intercom error. Despite all these illogical measures, some of Yossarian's techniques sometimes prove that he does in fact have some sanity. For example, Yossarian is always out to save himself from any harm therefore; he asks to be dismissed of all bombardier missions. But, in turn this request only comes to prove that he is actually capable to follow through and fly the missions because in reality only a mad soldier would willingly fly these unusual missions. There is one thought that is constantly on Yossarian's mind. Yossarian continues to feel that everyone is attempting to kill him and get rid of him. Though most of the squad thinks that his thought is foolish, his mindset is exactly what provide Yossarian with the knack to escape from this vile war.

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