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America and the Open Borders Debate

            Open borders have become a major issue in the United States. Americans are undecided because of the benefits immigrants bring, but also because of the burden they put on their citizens. These burdens include the economy, the infrastructure, taxes, welfare, and the investment on securing the border are all the results of illegal immigration. Yet, they also benefit from the cheap labor, low prices on consumer goods, cultures, traditions, ideas, and their contribution to the economy. "Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery." Doc. 1 Even though immigration is the sincerest form of flattery, terrorists could still come from the other borders like from Canada or Mexico. These terrorists could be smuggling drugs, weapons, or people. "But most third world illegals come to the U.S. for personal economic reasons." .
             Immigrants provide the United States a variety of benefits and contribute to its cultural diversity. Americans have been able to enjoy different traditions that have effected that have affected their ancestors to today's youth. As stated in the video, "México has also benefitted of this cultural diversity by improving their infrastructure with the U.S. earned money." Not all immigrants are willing to stay in the U.S. for a long period of time or leave their families. Immigrants want to work and help America by becoming consumers. Immigrants face many harsh obstacles from sacrificing themselves, taking life risks, is very costly, and it separates families. "Husbands often leave their families for a year or eighteen months to work in the U.S. which affect the children due to the loss of a parent figure." Video.
             The U.S. already has a problem with illegal immigration, that to allow immigrants to cross the border would only compound this problem even further. President Obama has passed an executive order to allow five million immigrants to have the opportunity to become U.

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