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The Hero of Agamemnon

            The hero of Agamemnon is actually Agamemnon himself because of the fact that a lot of the people looked up to his because of how much he did to protect them and what all he sacrificed for them even though he is not really talked about much in the story. Agamemnon chose to fight in the battle because he wanted his family and his home to be safe because if he did not go over there to fight in the battle then eventually the other side they were fight would had made their way over to his side to fight them and he did not want to take that risk because of his family and the people he had to look out for while they were there. Agamemnon had more of a chance to realize why he actually was a hero other than his daughter Cassandra because he did not really do anything but got mad at him for going to the battle not knowing that the battle could probably happen where they live if he did not go there and Clytemnestra was not the hero because she killed her own family for no reason and she did not have any remorse about it, and if you are a hero you are going to look out for everyone around you and protect them and put them first before yourself which she did not do even with her family so if you cannot trust your own family how can other people trust you when they know how you treat other and how you kill your own family just so you can have more praise and power over everyone else that sacrificing their lives going into battle for you. .
             Agamemnon is a hero because he knew what he was getting himself into when he would go to battle even when he probably knew the outcome would not be good and also he made sure his family would be good while he was gone and he took care of his people and the way a hero if supposed to do and died not knowing when and the reason of him being killed when he has done everything for them. In The Quest for the Holy Grail King Arthur is the hero because he shows that he would do whatever it took to make sure all of his people were safe so that nothing would go wrong.

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