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Police Brutality - You're Under Arrest!

            You've read about it, heard about it, and maybe even seen live footage on national television. What is it? Living in the United States, a lot of cases in today's society are Police Brutality. Police Brutality remains the most critical and divisive human rights violation in the United States of America. We are evidently supposed to put our trust in the police to protect us, not take advantage and assault the power, we, the people, have invested in them. The immoderate use of police brutality continues because police don't know how to de-escalate, most cops don't face harsh enough discipline threats, and because there are no clear policies on using force. This makes it feasible for officers who do perpetrate brutality and human rights violations to abscond their punishment and replicate their offences. .
             Firstly, police brutality is the deliberate use of extreme force by an authority figure, which often ends with bruises, broken bones, blood shed, and in most cases death. Officers too frequently bombard their weapons in a procedure and in certain conditions that place an innocent onlooker in danger; accidentally firing their fire arms, sometimes fortuitously hitting nothing and other times shooting innocent people and severely injuring them. Police officers too frequently use menacing and poor tactics to try gain control of suspects, which normally results in the application of supplementary force or places others in danger. Unsympathetically, police officers do not make actual use de-escalation techniques, too often instead escalating encounters and employing force when it may not be needed and could be avoided. I once witnessed a situation of a police officer failing to de-escalate a problem. It was a disabled student who was beaten by a police officer at a school for special needs children where I was once employed at. The police officer ordered the disabled student to tuck in his shirt and the student did not comprehend what the police officer was saying so he started to act belligerent.

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