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Recycling at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

            ´╗┐Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College has had one major issue when it came to the actual landscape of the college's campus. That issue just so happens to recycling. Why you may ask? Simply due to how the landfills are becoming full, the campus may just be under the threat of becoming a landfill itself due to not recycling properly. If this continues to occur, the college could lose many students and/or faculty because I doubt anyone would continue to attend a college that does not look clean and well organized. .
             In recycling, the things that people consider as garbage could actually be a product used to make something new. These types of items are known as renewable resources. In order for this idea to actually come to play, ABAC could decide to construct a center that could collect the old products and have students working jobs such as sorting, delivering, and transferring. This process could be both a smart and efficient move in order to help keep ABAC a safe and clean place for both the students on the campus. It could also be a fun experience for the students and people involved in helping ABAC "Go Green". .
             I figured ABAC should develop a recycling center which would definitely make a great impact on pollution, saving money, and the health of citizens. Those who volunteer to help out with the program could receive special rewards to show our appreciation for the help. The volunteers however will perform special tasks to make sure that the trash is being handled appropriately and responsibly. We also plan to make the program fun and very enjoyable as well and not focus on just ABAC campus, but at the same time focus on the city of Tifton in general. In order to put this idea into effect, I came up with the idea of writing a proposal to get approval to run the program. Before actually going through with the plan, we must first do research. The research would go over the past problems.

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