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Caring for and Raising Children

            Many parents around the world always say that they will take care and raise their children very carefully and well. It's really easy to say that, but it's extremely hard to perform that task. Some parents even say that baby-sitting is a piece of cake. For those parents who never have a baby, always say it's easy for them. All Parents have different methods of taking care their kids like hiring a baby-sitter and enrolling in the daycare center. Some parents even quit from successful professional careers to stay home with their children (Melinda). However, parents need to work in order to care and raise their kids well. Some ideas suggest that daycare center is the best option for them, so parents can earn income. On the other hand, parents should not enroll their children in the daycare center, so they can take care their kids closely.
             Some people believe that a daycare center is a great option for parents who have very busy lifestyles. Daycare centers help kids become bilingualisms by teaching them multiple languages. Daycare centers help economic to the parents because they can work during the day when their kids are at the daycare centers. It may be true, but parents don't need to stay home both mother and father. Mother can stay home take care kids, while father is still working. There are some benefits of staying home. Parent can earn some income for taking care their kids. According to the article "The Financial Benefits of a Stay-at-Home Parent" ask daycare center would have cost you about your take-home salary. It also express that why would you play someone take care of your kids when you can do it for the same cost? (Bortz).
             An other argument is educational additional support that daycare center gives to the children. Daycare centers will provide the paramount support to the kids when they are at the daycare center. Therefore, parents will go to work with confidence because they know that their kids will come home with extra education that parents can hardly provide them.

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