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William the Conquror

             Through out William's life he accomplished many things and also survived many things. William the Conqueror or William I was born in 1027 as the illegitimate son of Robert, Duke of Normandy, his mother, Herleva, being the daughter of a tanner of Falaise. (William the Conqueror 1) His dad Robert set out on a pilgrimage and before leaving forced his lords to swear fealty to William. Robert realized that he was illegitimate but still was his only son. When William was only eight years old his father died and he inherited his father title. He was only titled duchy of Normandy upon his father's death. (William I, the Conqueror 1) .
             A number of the Norman barons would not accept an illegitimate son of Robert to be their leader. Therefore in 1040 made and attempt to kill William. The plot failed but they did kill Gilbert of Brionne. (Spartacus 1) For the next years the province was astrewed with assassination and revolt. In 1047, William reasserted himself in the eastern Norman regions and, with France's King Henry I, crushed the rebelling barons. He also captured two strong castles of Alencon and Domfrong. Using these as his bases he started operating as a young duke.
             He became an extremely powerful leader and had become to take major interest in English affairs. In 1051 he visited Edward the Confessor, the king of England and then later claimed that Edward promised him that he would become his heir. In 1053 he got married to Matilda, the daughter of the Earl of Flanders. Over the next sixteen years they had nine children. (Spartacus 1) The children's names are as follows: Robert, Curthose, Richard who was killed while hunting in 1075 by accident), Cecily, William Rufus, Agatha, Henry Beauclerk, and Adela.
             William's power was always threatened in 1053 he supressed a revolt by Willaim of Arques. Later after more invasions William the Conqueror captured Maine. In 1065 Edward the Confessor became very ill.

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