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Psychotic Disorder - Schizophrenia

            One of the many psychotic disorders is schizophrenia which is also a thought disorder. This disorder mostly affects people aged 15 to 45, but can also affect other ages too. Only 1 percent of the population will be diagnosed with schizophrenia. There are two kinds of schizophrenia, process and reactive schizophrenia. Process schizophrenia is biological, slow to impact a patient with a gradual increase in the symptoms and has them his whole life. Reactive schizophrenia happens to a supposedly healthy person suddenly overnight. This paper will show that those with schizophrenia have several various symptoms, with many causal factors and there are several types of therapies to help people suffering from schizophrenia. .
             The clinical presentation of schizophrenia differs from one individual to another. Examples of some symptoms of patients are that they can act withdrawn, suspicious, paranoid, and have hallucinations. There are many symptoms that make up the clinical picture of schizophrenia. Two of the symptoms that schizophrenics have is they are highly sensitive to stimulation and they have trouble keeping a train of thought. Sometimes when schizophrenics talk, they put words together in a disorganized way because they have bad verbal communication. Trying to do more than they can handle in a short amount of time is another symptom. A small amount of schizophrenics copy every single gesture someone else does, called echopraxia. A schizophrenic patient can be delusional. The mind plays tricks, and the patient feels outside forces controls his thoughts or actions and somehow these outside forces are forcing thoughts into the brain or even taking the thoughts away, or controlling the body. These many symptoms of schizophrenia are a clear view of the clinical picture of a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia.
             Hallucinations can be another symptom a schizophrenia patient may have. This is where things are seen or heard but is not really there.

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