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Macbeth: Ambition and Greed

            Anywhere we go, we can always see people captivated by greed. News reports flood in on criminals and robberies. Yet we can also see examples of those who are thriving in society as a result of their ambition. So how do these two similar characteristics end up distinguishing someone's position in society so meticulously? There clearly is a razor sharp edge between them, and if you're not careful, the strong winds could easily push you off the clouds of ambition into the valley of greed, where the hills can be too steep to climb back up. You must resist the wind and stay on ambition.
             Ambition is defined as a desire or determination to achieve something. Greed is defined as a selfish desire to achieve something for yourself. They both involve determination and may be good for you, but greed can leave others harmed. Robbers such as Valerio Viccei are examples of people who are greedy. Steve Jobs is an example of someone on the other side of the spectrum, but was ambitious instead. He has a net worth of about 8.3 billion dollars. More examples include Bernard Madoff, responsible for the 2008 market meltdown, versus Walt Disney. .
             Macbeth is an example of someone who let ambition slide into greed. He was brave and courageous during the fight against the rebels in Act 1, killed a traitor of Scotland and was loyal to King Duncan. But then he slid into greed after he was spurred into action by Lady Macbeth. This turned him to be greedy, because he ended up as the winner for that situation, while Duncan, the servants, Malcom and Donald Bain are left as the losers, the ones that stood in the way of Macbeth's road to success. He ended up being determined to do anything that would allow him to keep his power, including hiring men to kill Banquo, a general that he was allied with during the fight against the traitors. He let the power get to his head and was corrupted, instantly jumping from ambition to greed.

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