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The Three Most Effective Habits

            In Stephen R Covey's, "the seven habits of highly effective people "covey discusses the seven habits that will lead to success. There habits may be simple but they are certainly worthwhile and give individuals something to focus on. By following these very realistic habits you can become a successful individual because you are equipping yourself with good and life-changing habits. Thus, in my opinion the three most effective habits are, seek first to understand then to be understood, be productive and think win-win. .
             First of all, one of the most effective habits is seeking first to understand. The habit of communication is setting aside autobiographical response and caring about what the other person is trying to communicate. For instance, your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't text you back also good to list to he/she reason before coming to conclusion. Secondly, listed and understand other people opinion and ideas. For example, if someone comes up with an opinion in a group discussion always good to understand what their trying to say and their ideas. Last, it better prepared your emotional intelligence. For example, you maintain awareness of one's emotions and used this information to guide one's thinking and actions. Clearly, seek first to understand then to be understood is a very important habit to practice and uphold.
             Additionally, another one of the most affective habits is think win-win. Also show leadership in a situation of disagreement between two parties or group. For example, if you're in a grade 11 class is good to show level of maturity and integrity to them. Second, also think win-win keeps you on the positive side of things like for example; make you come to a satisfying conclusion. And lastly, an idea of win-win should your high level of self-intelligence. For instance, developing consensus with others and make other feel comfortable. Finally, the most and basic effective habits need in life is the habit of be productive.

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