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Analysis of The Sun and I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

            Of the two poems that were analyzed, one was called "The Sun" by Mary Oliver. In this poem there are poetic elements such as repetition, imagery and simile that helps set the mood of the poem and make the reader more involved in the poetry. Using repetition has helped to emphasize certain points and draw the reader into the poem. There was one specific phrase in this poem that was repeated and it was "have you." This phrase helped the reader connect to the poem and think about their own experiences and their own reflection on nature (in this case The Sun). When the poem stated, "have you ever felt for anything with such love." It is a good example of engaging the reader into the poem and getting them to think and feel. Imagery is another poetic element that had a huge impact on this poem and getting the reader to imagine and feel like they were present there. An example of imagery in this poem is the following "for the pleasure that fills you, as the sun reaches out, as it warms you as you stand there" This is a really good example of imagery because the reader is able to feel as if they were present there and they can feel the sun warming their body. The imagery used is able to give the reader a sense of pleasure which is the very feeling the poet is trying to express. Another poetic element that was used in this poem was similes. Similes are a good devise in a poem because it helps the reader compare what is said to something else, thus evoking different feeling to the reader and also encouraging more imagery. A good example of a simile is the following, "on the other side of the world, like a red flower" This simile is relevant because it's comparing the sun rising to a red rose blooming. When thinking of a red rose blooming one thinks of beauty right away, thus in relation to the sun, the sun rising is also beautiful. Looking at the poetic devices used in this poem, the reader is able to connect to the poem and it helps express the emotions that were to be conveyed.

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