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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – Response Paper

            During the summer of 1771, on vacations in a small town near England, Benjamin Franklin decided to recall and write about his life to his son: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. On his book, one of the first things he clearly states, is that he is very thankful with God; that he has liked and enjoyed his life, and that if he could, he would live again, but he would make some modifications of the errors committed. Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston. He was the youngest son of 16 brothers, and had two younger sisters. He was named Benjamin after his uncle, a man which he highly respected and appreciated. He was always interested on poetry and writing, therefore, he learn and fully took advantage of his skills and understanding. That interest in literature and writing lead him to successful and fruitful teachings for society in the present years.
             Besides enjoying reading, he also had a strong inclination for the sea, but his father declared against it, and prohibited him from becoming a sailor. He was sent to grammar school with the intentions of going into church afterwards, but later on, he was sent to another grammar school to improve his math and writing, and although he failed on math, he completely succeeded in writing.
             Franklin also mentions his brother James and that important event on his life, when he used to work with him as a printer. To some extent, Franklin was concerned about the opinion his family had towards him. At that time, his brother had some ingenious men among his friends, who amused themselves by writing little pieces on the papers published. Those friends visited them very often, and by listening to their conversations, he got excited and tried to write something for the paper too. But besides the opinion from others, he was also concerned for the particular opinion of his brother. He was still a boy, and suspected that his brother would abstain from publishing any of his writings, if he knew they were written by him (Franklin).

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