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The Antebellum of the War - North and South

            There is an old English proverb saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." The North and South in America in the 1860s had wanted each other's faction, yet wanted different societies. This had led to the Northerners becoming part of the Republican Party and the Southerners staying Democratic with the West. However, each faction was greedy for the others and coveted for each other's property. Different climates and locations had a huge effect on both the North and the South. The economy was going up hill for the North: they were advanced with all the new technology and they had an excellent business strategy, which boosted the economy. Each party had different beliefs on religion and culture. All of this hunger and diversity had led to the Civil War.
             The geography and the climate played a huge role on the lives of the North and the South. The North had "a climate of warm summers and snowy cold winters" which affected the growth of agriculture and plantations (Pomasko, 1). It took longer for the North to grow crops naturally, but they had more manufacturing industries. They were able to make more products faster for a cheaper value. The South is quite similar to the North, but it has different features. The South "has a climate that is generally warm and sunny, with long, hot, humid summers, and mild winters, and heavy rainfall" (Pomaska 1). This type of climate was perfect for farming and agriculture. The Southern farmers were able to grow large amounts of crops on plantations from the climate. The geography of the North and South were very diverse, which was a major factor that led to the Civil War. In the South, there are many "mountains, sub-tropical forests, and great farming lands" which was necessary for growing crops (Vibar 1). The rivers in the South moved slowly so it was easier to navigate, thus it was an excellent choice to make the town near a river for transporting goods.

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