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Conscience and Words

            "My conscience is more important to me than any speech," a quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman statesman and politician. I follow this quote strongly as I go through out my daily life, for there are many people that dwell in this world that would want me to change my ideas and beliefs because they are "offended" by my beliefs. There are many people in the world that would want me to sway the truth that God is the almighty being that rules over our paltry and insignificant lives. Those people feel they do not need the love of God that he is just some imaginary thing our past ancestors had created from happenings that they could not explain with the tools and knowledge made available to them. These people try to change my views daily. .
             I know that what I believe in is not the popular way to think in today's naive world. I am always being told by these people that my ideas are wrong and I should change them, but I say no, I will not let these people change the way I feel about the world. Any time I attempt to speak my mind about the happenings of the world, I am instantly screamed by the people that contradict what I think. It is as if I am arguing with a three year old child, and God forbid I say something that gainsay what they think. I am also marked as a vicious and unforgiving person for saying that people that murder another person should be put to death. Many people wonder why I feel such a thing should be done to another human being, but I implore them to put themselves in the position of a mother who lost her son to a murderer, or a father that lost his daughter to a cutthroat. I also know that many people contradict my idea of changing America to a confederation. .
             Many people only think of the word slavery when they hear the word confederacy uttered. People also think I am too patriotic and think I should care less for my love of country. My opinion about guns is very unpopular too.

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