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Perseverance in The Odyssey

            Homer's The Odyssey shows various aspects of the ancient Greek culture (such as their history, source of pride, and achievement) through characters, plot, and prose. One of the most prominent characteristics of the ancient Greek culture is value of perseverance, the "continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition"(Merriam-Webster). Homer focused on this characteristic, because it is important for the character's success as motivational tool to keep them going through the trials and tribulations that stood in their way.
             The attribute of perseverance appears to be a strong theme contained within The Odyssey. Most notably, it is a major characteristic of Odysseus that allows him to face all of his obstacles until he reaches his goal, which is reunion with his family. Intelligence, seductresses, loyalty, family, and love are also frequently invoked, but they are primarily auxiliary themes, used to support the main theme of perseverance. The plot of the story of Odysseus contains many instances where this subject comes to the forefront. Odysseus encounters a variety challenges on the way home, but his desire to survive and be reunited with his family acts as a strong motivation fueling his perseverance to continue and stand up to all obstructions in his path.
             After fighting for ten years in the Trojan War, Odysseus and his men sail to the land of the KyKlopes, a violent and uncivilized race of one–eyed giants. Although the crew advises Odysseus to steal some of the food in KyKlops Polyphemos's cave and run away, he instead lingers until the owner of the cave returned, to act as a polite guest. However, Polyphemos proves to be a hostile creature and imprisons Odysseus's crew in his cave as his future meal. Even in the face of terror, Odysseus still executes a plan to escape and "ponder how to hurt him (Polyphemos) worst" (Book 9, line 343).

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