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Transgressions of Prometheus in Anthem

            Throughout " Anthem", Prometheus goes through many transgressions and revelations while living in a dystopian society. He always recognized something was wrong, and was the first to acknowledge it and take it upon himself. What todays society would consider normal, his society considered sinful. His inquisitive way of thinking and approach to life was something never before seen in this collectivistic society. In a society where "We" and "Us" are enforced, Prometheus discovering singularity in this world and finding a way to express how he feels and not how "We" feel makes him special. Prometheus has the special trait of individuality, and he has harnessed this skill with an understanding of his uniqueness, with this skill-set Prometheus rises and reigns dominant to all his brothers.
             Prometheus throughout life always knew he was different. He was taller than the rest, he was smarter than the rest, and most importantly he was more curious than the rest.(Rand Chapter 1) This led to him being held down and being suppressed mentally and his intuitive beliefs were gone once he was assigned to the Home of Street Sweepers. While he wanted mental labor, he was assigned physical labor by the Council of Vocation. Just by wanting something he committed a sin, one of the many he commits according to his society. He never truly confirmed to society. He was so anomalous unlike his brethren. He was willing to break the law in order to pursue truth and knowledge. He went against International 4-888's action of staying back by entering the tunnel. ( Rand 31) Prometheus wanted to explore the darkness. As he worked in the darkness with only a candle providing light, little did Prometheus know he himself is the candle to society. He is the light in society with his knowledge and his relentlessness for answers. .
             Prometheus's attitude is the complete opposite of his society.

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