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Rene Descartes and the Existence of God

            Life on earth is a wonderful thing, which most of us enjoy. We live a life of hope, along with being doubtful about certain situations, or people in our lives. Most of us are brought up being taught what is right and what is wrong, along with what to believe in. Rene Descartes is a philosopher who questioned some of these situations. In my paper I will discuss Rene Descartes beliefs, specifically talking about his first principle, dealing with what he thinks. Along with discussing the proof of God's existence which he talks about in the reading. .
             We live in a world where we as individuals, naturally questions things that happen, and go on within our lives. Sometimes we don't know, nor can we find an answer for why things happen to us or why certain things exist in our lives. Most people are brought up in a house hold where you are taught everything you need to know, in regards to how to live a good/right life, what religion to believe in, and even being taught that God may or may not exist. Philosopher Rene Descartes had questions about the things we experience in our everyday life, which brought questions to my attention, which he helped me with while reading the "Discourse on Method". The life we live is a very unique because we live life every day and have experiences in our lives day in and day out. Descartes questioned this by questioning if the life we live is really real. With him saying this it shows that we as people of aware of our experiences directly, and we are also aware of the external world indirectly, this can be defined as Representational Realism. .
             Next, although Descartes does ask questions on what's real, we always have a hard time on figuring out why we question so many things that occur in life. Skeptics was brought up in the reading by Descartes, because it is the doubt or questioning about our everyday experience, and the world that we view. Descartes first principle he states "I think, therefore I am" which is simple to grasp but hard to understand.

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