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Efforts to Enhance the Spirit of Patriotism

            Fading patriotism among the people in our country at this moment, as claimed by many. This became so because each busy with their own affairs that led to disregard the other things. In their opinion, the important thing in life is that they should try to find wealth and to find money to increase revenue alone. Therefore, they do not emphasize patriotism and ignored the national day celebrations, such as members of our community do not fly the flag of Malaysia as the country's independence anniversary run. So, we hope that the spirit of patriotism among the people can be improved.
             Actually, there are many ways that can be done to enhance the spirit of patriotism among the people in our country. One of the ways is to give emphasis to the process of fertilization patriotism in school bench. This allows patriotism staples for students such as the Malay proverb says, "to bend the bamboo, let the shoot." If patriotism is nurtured from childhood, of course, patriotism will continue to be practiced and maintained into adulthood. Furthermore, the practice is important because we can create a society that will always love the country and not do things that will bring discredit to the country.
             Another way that can be done is to make the change and emphasis on this aspect of patriotism in the curriculum in schools and higher education institutions. If this is done, the student will understand and appreciate the patriotism for the aspects studied in a particular subject. In other words, the matter would be studied formally in the classroom, examination and subsequently tested in practice in daily life. Therefore, patriotic spirit will prevail in the minds of the disciples until after they finish school or their education in institutions of higher learning.
             The responsible party shall carry out a large-scale campaign through the mass media. Campaigns related to patriotism will give awareness to the community about the importance of patriotism among the people in our country, therefore, the Ministry of Information, as well as electronic media such as television and radio really works to nourish and enhance the spirit of patriotism among the people.

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