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Short Story - The Tooth Fairy Fraud

            The tooth fairy is an important mythical character in the majority of every young child's life. Children around the world find joy in ripping out their adolescent teeth in hopes of receiving a gift from the tooth fairy. I was one of those children. I would anxiously pull out my teeth one by one and leave them under my pillow before I fell asleep for the tooth fairy. Of course, it was painful, but it did not bother me. I knew the pain was worth the gift I would wake up and find under my pillow in the morning. Then, one morning I woke up after pulling my tooth out and was very disappointed. Is the tooth fairy a fraud?.
             My teeth began falling out at the age of five. The first time one of my teeth began wobbling, I was exceptionally scared. After school, I ran to my mother and told her my tooth was moving. My mother explained to me that all my teeth would eventually fall out. Being a child, I did not appreciate hearing that. Therefore, I cried. Once I calmed down, my mother further explained to me that my teeth would eventually grow back into "Big Kid Teeth". This idea made me feel better. Although, I remained uneasy about the situation. Later that evening, after my bath, I told my mother that my tooth was still bothering me. She looked at the tooth, wiggled it around in my mouth and proceeded to tell me that we needed to pull it out. Once again, I cried. I did not want to pull out my first tooth. My mother went into the bathroom and returned with a roll of floss in her hand. She tied a medium piece of floss around my wobbling tooth and counted to three. One, two, three Out came my tooth along with droplets of blood. I was really shocked to be holding my tooth in my hand. .
             After a traumatic and exciting experience of pulling out my tooth, my mother told me to put the tooth in a small bag and place the tooth underneath my pillow. I did as I was told. As my mother tucked me in for sleep, she explained to me that there is a tooth fairy.

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