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The UK Immigration Debate

            The debate of migration in the UK is a very sensitive topic this is due to the many costs and also benefits it has on the social, political and economic areas of the UK. To begin with, there are many things that can make people emigrate from their own countries into another country such as the UK. These can be things such as a lack of a sustainable infrastructure, the absence of jobs opportunities, a deficiency of education for children and young adults, also problems with the economy and political instability for example in India there are many corrupt politicians as a result can be enough to drive people out of their country. Finally for someone to leave their country it can be down to environmental reasons, for example natural disasters or the climate for some people is too difficult to leave in such as countries in northern and southern Africa. These are all called push factors. .
             Countries of the world colored by corruption levels (World Corruption Index 2010: Transparency International.
             Next, there are pull factors. These are factors that make people want to immigrate to that country. One factor is that there could be a better standard of living this includes better healthcare systems and a wider variety of services. In a more economically developed country there will be better wages for example some polish migrants use this to their benefit by sending money back home as the exchange rate from sterling to Polish złoty means they can help families back home, this is because 1 sterling pound is worth 5.80 Polish złoty. Finally there may be little or no environmental problems or better climate for living. .
             Firstly, you have the costs of migration. In the area of the economy as a result of migrants coming in to the UK much of the money they earn including payments into workplace pensions are being repatriated back to the country of where the migrants have originated. This means money is now leaving the UK contributing to economic instability.

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