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The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

            In the book, "The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara, the soldiers on both sides fought for reasons of their own. Some reasons tied into their religious beliefs and others tied into what they thought was right for their country. Many put their faith in God while battling, while others did not. Many men thought that men were equal under God and that right was to be preserved. This novel is an outline of one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Civil War. Throughout the adventure the author puts you through, you are let backstage to see the battles and events leading up to the infamous day; July 4, 1863.
             During the Civil War, there were two opposing sides, the Confederate Army and the Union Army. While the Confederates fought for slavery, the Union fought for their freedom. The Confederates fought for the continuance of state's rights, the Union fought for preserving itself. While one side seemed to be more religious, the other seemed to remain rather independent in their reasonings for why they were in war. General Lee is a main character that is presented as a religious man throughout the novel, placing his faith in God. He tends to hands up certain events to the will of God instead of making it his own. This is first apparent to the reader when he receives word that there will be a battle at Gettysburg. Just before Pickett's Charge begins when he receives word form the spy, Lee repeats his statement that "It is all in the hands of God" (Shaara pg. 15). Throughout the book, Lee makes many remarks to his faith in God. Upon the war, Shaara states that, "He closed is eyes. Dear God, let it end soon"(Shaara pg.252). On the other hand, Longstreet is a realistic soldier in the story. He shares his views by replying to Lee's statement, "Well, we have left nothing undone. It is all in the hands of God." by scything that "it isn't God that is sending those men up that hill"(Shaara pg.

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