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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

            Our group had an interest in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) because the growing number of people that are being diagnosed. Our group will research causes, treatments, long term effects and who is at risk. OSA promotes the person from getting a goodnights rest and affects their day life. I personally work with elderly and many of them suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. I am responsible for helping them with their treatments that improve their sleep. The article I choose is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Diagnosis, Epidemiology, and Economics which was written by Vishesh K Kapur MD MPH. .
             Obstructive sleep apnea affects the respiratory system by narrowing the airway. The airway becomes collapsed when the body relaxes. The patient's sleeping partner is often the first to notice symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. The patient experiences pauses in breathing and even snoring which usually is disruptive to partner. The pauses in breathing can last many seconds and occur throughout the night. Patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea often experience exhaustion during the day because they are being awakened frequently by air being closed. .
             There are countless causes of OSA however Kapur discusses the most common. Obstructive sleep apnea is most common in males, elderly, and obese. Studies have shown a ratio of 8:1 between males and females. [CITATION Vis10 l 1033 ] The elderly are commonly diagnosed. As you age your parapharyngeal space can collect more fat which can obstruct airway. Obesity is also a common reason for obstructive sleep apnea. .
             Testing procedures of obstructive sleep disorder are done with polysomnography. A polysomnography is a sleep study that records the specific data while you sleep. The data can used to determine if you have OBD. After the patient has been diagnosed there are some treatments that are available. The CPAP is the leading therapy, although many patients don't follow to treatment.

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