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Movie Summary - Scarface

             The American Dream is for many people much more than just a dream. For them the American Dream means getting a new shot at life, or the possibility of become rich. This is what the movie Scarface is all about. Tony Montana builds his entire drug empire from scratch and we follow him through his entire journey. .
             Scarface was produced in 1983 and released December 1st 1983. The director of the movie Scarface named Brian De Palma, is from New Jersey, USA. It is an American movie, based on the idea of the American dream. The movie takes place in Miami Florida. In the movie a large group of Cuban refugees, try to start a new life and achieve the American dream. Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer and Steven Bauer play the three main characters of the movie. Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana and he is the main character, whose journey is to obtain and fulfil the American dream. .
             Genre .
             Scarface falls under the genre of action. It is a movie dealing with plenty of violence and drugs. The main character Tony, is thrusted into a sequence of encounters, which include fight scenes, violence and frenzied chases. Additionally he endures life-threatening circumstances, multiple times throughout the movie. The sub-genre is drama, because Tony Montana started at the bottom and then he had to work his way to the top. By watching this process, the viewer follows the development of the main character with emotional themes such as drug addiction, moral dilemmas, social class division and violence against women. These themes all have an essential role in the movie and in the character's progress throughout the movie. .
             Setting .
             Firstly, the story takes place in 1980's Florida, where Tony Montana arrives in the US, as an immigrant from the Mariel boatlift from Cuba. This was an event where 125,000 Cubans left to America, after high tensions caused by economic crisis in the Cuban economy. Fidel Castro released many criminals, such as Tony to start a new life in the land of opportunity.

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