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Romeo and Juliet - Act 3, Scenes 2 and 3

            In act 3 scene 2 and 3 we see Juliet and then Romeo reacting to the fact that Romeo has been vanished from Verona instead of the expected death sentence. I am going to be comparing how Romeo and Juliet react, how Nurse and Friar Lawrence react, and finally a prediction of what will happen to Romeo and Juliet in the following scenes. .
             Romeo and Juliet's reaction to the big news of Romeo banishment is quite different. They both agree that the fact that Romeo got banished is much worse than if he would have died or gotten a death sentence. They both think that if Romeo would have died in the fight against Tybalt or if the Prince would have given Romeo a death sentence it would have been better. Romeo thinks it would have been better simply because he wouldn't have to live the hell knowing the Juliet is well and alive in Verona while he is sitting in some other city thinking about her. If he would have died, he would not have to live this "hell." Juliet thanks god that Romeo is alive. Unlike Romeo she is so happy that he wasn't killed, because if he was killed she would die a widow and a virgin. Juliet also thinks that Romeo's banishment is worse than Tybalt's death. Juliet thinks she could never love again and would have to kill herself if he died. .
             Friar Lawrence and Nurse also react in a pretty similar way. At first when Nurse tells Juliet the news she is kind of unclear and just says "he is dead," never using the word Romeo. Nurse eventually clears everything up and says that Tybalt died and that Romeo has been banished. The Nurse's reaction is that she thinks Romeo is a horrible person for killing Tybalt. She thinks he deserves shame and that he is a disgusting, cheating man. Nurse sees how hurt Juliet is and decides to go find Romeo to comfort Juliet. Friar Lawrence says Romeo is gifted, he is lucky to be banished and not killed. It is "kind mercy," says Friar.

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