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Transgender Employment Experiences

            Gender inequality and harassment in the workplace are issues significantly garnering attention from lawmakers and transgender activists worldwide. Kyla Bender-Baird's book, "Transgender Employment Experiences: Gender Perceptions and the Law," is an insightful compilation of the transgender community's employment life and experiences with critical analysis on the politics behind bylaws governing gender rights and its implications in the real world. The book puts the spotlight on the lived experiences of 20 transgender participants struggling from different forms of workplace bullying, violence, and discrimination. Bender-Baird's writing aims to expose these gender injustices to the public eye and hopes that in due time, would reach a meaningful concurrence for political officials to consider. The book also covers authentic stories that happened within the last decades, which is relevant enough to be included in the provision and formation of sexual diversity politics.
             A conspicuous firmness about Bender-Baird's book is her vigorous and thoughtful consideration about the participants' ideology of their own identity, testimonial confidentiality, and information accessibility. In order to provide rich, diverse, and reliable data for the readers, the author considered the age parameters, sexual orientation, type of occupation, and income levels of the participants – one of the many strengths of this book, which notably removes a considerable amount of information bias. The author's sensitivity about the definition of terms regarding transgenders entails her meaning precision and phraseological consistency. All five chapters of the book focus mainly on transgender issues, with minor and considerate glances on controversies affecting the LGBTQ spectrum. Throughout the book, the author fluidly transitions her arguments from the transgender's perspectives towards a careful deliberation on the laws that is perhaps imbalanced, unjust, and ultimately, perplexed and unexercised.

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