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Personal Narrative - The Race

            Sweat: a symbol of hard work, a symbol of pain, a symbol of victory and on this day I was counting on sweat to come out on top. I found myself wandering around the bleachers at the state track meet an hour before I had to run. Every sight and smell and sound you think of when you think of track was present at that moment. I took it all in every ounce of all the numerous energies and personalities and activities of track and I knew this is where I needed to be. I took an extended look at the place where I would give it all to win or give it all and lose and I knew, I was ready.
             As I warmed up for my one-mile race I had many recurring thoughts about all the memories and all of the hard work I had put in that season. I looked across the field to see many of my competitors equally as nervous as they loosened their muscles for a satisfactory performance. I thought of all of the hours of running, all of the long talks with my dad about strategy, all of the motivation for my season coming from this moment. Then I saw him, the young man that had come neck and neck with me all season in this race my only true competition. Something inside of me either snapped or built up because I had found a new reserve of energy and confidence that would allow me to do anything to win. .
             The officials called all of the runners to the starting line and placed us along the line according to our times. Thoughts came rushing to my mind like the great flood. Every second, every mile, and every drop of sweat I had experienced over the last 5 months was about to be tested in only 4 minutes and 40 seconds. I was filled with anxiety and determination as the official called us to the starting line, but I was sure that no matter what it took I would be victorious. First there was silence, and all at once in a fraction of a second, "bang," we were off like hungry cheetahs after a speedy gazelle. .
             The only thought that came to my mind were the words of my dad, "Go out fast and go out hard.

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