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Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide

            We all have experiences of being sick at least once. If you are sick or ill, it would be very hurt and painful. You would probably want to get better as soon as you can. When you are sick, your family members, or friends take care of you, and you are thankful to them, but sorry at the same time. What if you get a terminal disease that cannot be cured, and diagnosed by doctors that you have only few months? You may feel excruciating pain every minute, and your family members take care of you all day. It will be miserable, and hard to enjoy a day. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who are facing these miserable situations, and they are painfully waiting for their deaths. One of the ways that can help these people is physician assisted suicide. It is the way of euthanizing that incurable patients take death pills or injection to kill themselves, and the pill should be prescribed by doctors and physicians. Currently, physician assisted suicide is legalized in 24 countries and in the U.S, only 5 of the states have allowed people to do P.A.S. including Oregon. It is a controversial topic all over the world because it is the matter of live or die. I believe that physician assisted suicide is actually helping the incurable patients and their family, so it should be legalized not only in the 5 states of America, but rest of the states. Many incurable patients have been tortured and suffering from excruciating pain and many of them want to end their tough lives. They think they are currently living without autonomy and dignity, and their families and societies are paying enormous money to take care incurable patients who must die. Furthermore without physician assisted suicide, people would kill themselves in messy and horrifying ways, and it might cause chaos in our societies. If we don't protect them with the law, we can't stop them from committing suicide. In order to prevent all these problems, we need to legalize physician assisted suicide.

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