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Rhetoric in I Want a Wife by Judy Brady

            In the essay "I Want a Wife" by Judy Brady, the author utilizes the art of rhetoric to convince the audience that 1970's wives have what she would consider a "difficult" life. Brady writes in a sarcastic tone when it comes to discussing a man's point of view and how easy it would be if she had a wife. The author presents an overall impression that wives are undervalued within society. In the essay, "I Want a Wife," Judy Brady uses the three rhetorical elements of ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade the reader that wives are unappreciated within a marriage and society.
             Brady uses the means of ethos in order to establish her reputation and credibility as a scorned wife within the essay. From the very beginning and steady throughout the writing, Brady launches her role as a "wife" almost in the sense that she belongs to a special group of women within society that are prone to doing certain duties all the time. The quote: "I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am a Wife" is her clear statement position in society. This makes the reader feel like they're getting some sort of first-hand account of insight on a real American household in the 1970's and gives legitimacy to her argument. Also, she is reiterating this list while ironing which also establishes her credibility as a wife. Brady states in a satirical way, everything a housewife does for her husband, indirectly explaining the housewife's plight and the husband's superior position in the household. Her role becomes quickly defined. .
             Furthermore, Brady uses the art of pathos or emotion to appeal to the audience's senses. The reader can identify the use of pathos in the author's essay the way she describes the many uses of a "wife" over and over. The ethos of rhetorical appeal achieves effects on the minds of the readers as the persona (Brady) reflects on the duties and chores a wife that is obligated to perform while life goes on forcing her to the sidelines of the society.

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