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Love of the Game - Soccer

            Soccer is the world's most popular sport with approximately 3. It just so happens that I love it just as much as everyone else does. It's a relatively cheap sport to play because all you really need is a ball and you can make a goal out of anything. I started playing soccer when I was about three years old. My parents signed me up to play for a local recreational (rec) league to see if I would enjoy it. At such a young age, the coaches let everyone play all positions just to get a feel for the game and to see what we liked best. As I grew older, I began to notice that my coaches kept me in the game a little bit longer rather than subbing me out like some of my teammates. I quickly realized that I was a good player and how much love I had for the sport. .
             By the time I turned eleven I was eligible to try out for the local travel soccer team. There were about forty kids trying out for the team, but only fourteen would make it. During tryouts we would be separated in groups based upon our positions. I happened to play defense so the coaches would set up drills to see who had the best abilities. Thankfully a few of my friends, as well as myself, were good enough to make the roster. It cost about five hundred dollars per player to be on the team, which paid for uniforms and the coaches, so it wasn't cheap at all. We would practice four days a week for about two to three hours every time. There was a kid from South Africa, China, and two kids from South America that also played on the travel team. We lost our first couple of games due to the fact that we've never played together before. After a few games we started to learn each other's playing styles and everything began to click. We rarely had home games and we would travel all around the South Carolina which was pretty awesome. My team was called the Florence Firebolts and we played exceptionally well. We played so well that we made it all the way to the state cup finals and won! It was such a thrill to have the whole team celebrating all at once while the fans were screaming and cheering.

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