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Beowulf - Anglo-Saxon Value Representations

            Anglo-Saxon beliefs and values are represented and are shown greatly throughout the story of Beowulf, The characters that show this the most however are, Beowulf, Hrothgar, and Wiglaf who best represent these values in which they teach to the audience. The best who can represent the belief of fate is Beowulf, Beowulf's successes in many battles against monsters were sought from treasures and fame. Fate is one of the most important values to the Anglo-Saxons as is said: "every man's life must lie under the mastery of God's decree, as it still lies today" (lines 2858-2859) , Beowulf clearly represents this value in two of his quarrels, one with a very strong and vicious demon named Grendel. Fate is represented in the battle with Grendel because beowulf knows how strong Grendel is and has heard and almost witnessed the damage he has done but yet will still go into battle accepting the fate of not making it out alive, Beowulf is sure that this creature demon will not simply lay down for him, but will take him on and try to end his twelve years of terror this creature has created. Hrothgar who is the king of the land Grendel dwells upon allows Beowulf who is up for the challenge take on the mighty creature , Beowulf says:" death takes me; Fate must be fate". (lines 446 and 455) Beowulf has an ample amount of confidence to believe he can take on this monster and is willing to take on Grendel for the better of Hrothgar's people, and to hold glory and honor as well (also important to Anglo-Saxons culture) is going to battle Grendel with no armor to show that the fight is even though Grendel has the strength of 30 men. Beowulf"s valliance also part of the leader role, allows a teaching to other warriors that sacrifices must be made and fate must be accepted to be a leader. Beowulf's belief in taking on Grendel surpasses him and if he defeats Grendel he gets glory and becomes glutlusty with booty making.

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