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Finding Motivation to Tackle an Assignment

            There are times when you just don't feel motivated to get up off the couch and do your work. Maybe the assignment staring at you is too difficult or just not interesting to you. You know that if you don't get yourself motivated to complete the assignment you will suffer the consequences. What can you do?.
             1. Make a connection between the assignment and what interests you.
             Somehow, make a connection to this assignment. Is there a part of this assignment that you can relate to your life and what interests you? For example, can you apply the problem-solving methods needed to complete the assignment to a problem you are currently dealing with? Can you feel good about completing a writing assignment because you know that effective writing skills are needed in any career that you are considering? If you can connect the skills needed to complete this assignment to skills you need after graduation, you will increase your motivation to get up and get busy!.
             2. Use your fear.
             As my 15-year-old granddaughters told me when I asked why they are motivated to do so well in school, they replied that they fear failure. "I know if I don't do homework, I won't get good grades. If I don't get good grades, I won't go to college or even remain eligible for sports in high school. If I don't go to college, I will flip burgers for a living. I don't want to fail." So, even when you really don't feel like working, tapping into a fear of failure can increase your motivation!.
             3) Remember your goals.
             We all have goals, and hopefully yours are written down and displayed in a prominent place. Being able to read and review your goals can be very motivating. One of my granddaughters stated that her goal is to have a successful life and for her that includes not having to struggle for money when she has a family. What is your goal? Will developing your knowledge and skills by way of this assignment lead you to your goals? Think of your goal and then get up off the couch-you don't want to miss an opportunity to complete work that will help you achieve your goals!( Thorson, 2012).

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