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Narrative Essay - Having Knee Surgery

            Having knee surgery on my meniscus was the most nerve racking but rewarding experience that I have gone through. The steps before seemed to be the most nerve racking in the situations such as the X-Rays and MRI. It seemed so tedious setting up appointment to appointment and having to wait a few days in between waiting and waiting for the surgery date. This injury never really caused me pain until after almost a year of playing on it, exercising, and walking on it. Pain slowly started going to the knee after either a long day of baseball or even just walking on. After not being able to put up with it just because of the feeling bothering me when id play I went in to the doctor for a quick evaluation of my knee to see what could have been causing the pain. Going in I expected a simple answer like "it is a minor sprain that needs rest and ice it up" I come to find out that where the pain was coming from, the location, was where the lateral meniscus happened to be.
             After finding that out came the long process that hospitals make you go through just to get to setup a surgery date. First step was get an x-ray to be able to be cleared to receive and MRI. Next step was setting up and appointment for the MRI which wasn't bad, but the appointment date was of course two weeks from the actual day you set it for. Then you actually go to your set appointment and receive the MRI and wait for your follow up appointment with your doctor to set up a date with a specialist. It can't get more nerve racking then having to set up appointment after appointment just to receive a cleared date to have your surgery even when they know the problem. After a couple more appointments I received my actual day to go in and have the procedure done.
             As the day approached and I was given instructions on the night before not do certain things as a hospital protocol I was beginning to get more excited. When the day showed up and I went in for the procedure I was pretty nervous and anxious to get in out.

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