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Memoir Essay - The Fire

            I was sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy with my grandfather as I would do any other normal day waiting till it was time to go get my sister from school. We sat this way every day and nothing changed, until one day the phone started to ring which was very unusual. My grandpa picked up the phone and as soon as he started talking and shaking his head I knew instantly that something was not right, he wouldn't look my way and his face was very pale and had no emotion. He hung up the phone and told me to get into the car, and that we had to go pick up my sister from school right away. He wouldn't tell me what had happened or why we had to leave no matter how many times that I had asked. The only thing I was told was that once we had picked up my sister we were going to my Aunt Linda's house. .
             My sister walked out of school with her principle and guidance counselor, she looked just as confused as me but I hoped that she had some information about what was happening. She got into the back of the car and looked at me and whispered to ask if I knew what was going on. I told her that I didn't know anything except that we had to go to aunt Linda's. My grandpa took my sister and me to my aunt's house where the rest of my family was, all except for my parents and my uncle Neal which we thought was strange. My family had asked us both to take a seat in the living room and started to explain to us what had happened. While my parents were at work and my sister was at school, the wires to our fish tank had gotten wet somehow and started a spark. That spark had caught the wires on fire which led to the rest of my house catching on fire. It was not put out yet, but my uncle Neal (who is a firefighter) was there and both my parents were there. .
             Neither my sister nor I knew how we were supposed to respond to this horrifying news. We both just sat there in shock, they had told us that everybody was okay but we would have to see how everything went.

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