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Anthropology - MasterChef USA

            MasterChef USA is a reality TV show adapted from the original UK version of the show also called MasterChef. This TV show debuted on Fox Television Network and continues to be renewed by Fox. MasterChef is a cooking show that orchestrates professional cooking competitions, which are open to amateur and home chefs. The judges on the show are culinary masters such as Gordon Ramsey, a Scottish born British chef, who has been awarded sixteen Michelin stars. The other two judges are equally qualified as culinary masters. MasterChef reflects the state of our society in the 21st century; our perception of food, preparation of it, and how we consume it. It shows how food has evolved over years of innovation, prosperity, and growth in our population. .
             MasterChef is an ideal example of identifying whether class racism or even racism is still prevalent in our society. Gordon Ramsey is a model of someone who has persevered through the challenges life threw in his way. He had not a penny to his name, but he made something of himself by pursuing his dream. As cliche as it sounds this show is inspirational to those who come from the same background as him and our trying to become professional chefs. All classes have been able to compete in the show; lower class, middle class, and upper class. MasterChef gives people a chance to make a name for themselves and get a head start in pursuing their dreams with the money the show awards the winner. It promotes competitive spirit not class racism. Though one may wonder whether they are against racism. Even though contestants consist of people of every race the judges are in fact all Caucasian. They are either American, like Graham Elliot, Italian, like Joe Bastianich, or like Gordon Ramsey, British. .
             The food cooked on MasterChef goes to show how food has now become an art form and has created a community for foodies and those who follow MasterChef. One of the factors, which the judges use to grade their chefs is the aesthetic appeal of the dish or what they would like to call "plating".

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