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Automobile Manufacturers - Nissan and Toyota

            Nissan and Toyota have been rivals for an extended period of time in the auto industry. They are both at the top of the Japanese auto industry. Which one is better? That is a very difficult question to answer because everyone has their own opinions about cars. Many car experts to this day still cannot answer this question because they are very similar in various aspects. What experts compare is the rivalry between their most iconic cars, the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR and the Toyota Supra TT, they also compare total sales and customer reviews. The two most iconic Japanese cars are the Nissan Skyline R-34 GTR and the Twin Turbo Toyota Supra. Car enthusiasts around the globe dream of having any one of these cars. They are built for racing. They are similar and different in various ways. The R-34 is All Wheel Drive which is very useful for traction on the road. It has an inline 6 engine called the RB26DETT which pushes 326 horsepower to the wheels. It comes stock twin turbo. Its 0-60MPH time is only in 4.9 seconds. On the other hand the Supra is rear wheel drive. It also has an inline 6 engine called 2JZ-GTE. This engine pushes around 320 horsepower to the rear wheels. It also comes stock twin turbo. Its 0-60 MPH time is only 5 seconds. What makes these cars a dream to have is that they can both be easily modified to make 500-600 horsepower with only a couple thousand dollars. These engines are made to be raced on the roads. These cars on the market today average at around $30,000-$50,000 dollars depending on the modifications done to the vehicle. In the US the R-34 is illegal because of safety regulations. They can be imported from Japan but they cannot be registered here in the US. The supra on the other hand is legal here, it can be registered and driven like a normal street car. .
             Toyota and Nissan are at the top in sales right behind Honda. They sell an incredible amount of cars every year.

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