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Fear and Death in Masque of the Red Death

            In, 'The Masque of the Red Death' by Edgar Allen Poe, the short story embodies the fear of inevitable death in a story about Prince Prospero's party being crashed by The Red Death and eventually every single person dies. The short story about an extravagant party hosted by a prince and regardless of the Bubonic Plague that is ravaging the population he still throws his party. Poe's allegory is that no matter how extravagant the party is, no matter how protected the castle may be, and no matter how rich the people are, death will eventually kill everyone and that no one is safe. Poe enforces this idea by using the plague, the 7 rooms & clock, and the masqued Red Death itself. .
             The story starts by describing in detail the symptoms and outcome of The Red Death. Poe writes about the helplessness of the disease and how the outcome will always be death without the aid and sympathy of his fellow man. Poe connotes the Black Plague in this short poem in being death itself. This is backed later in the story when every single party goer eventually dies starting with Prince Prospero. Similar to the reality of death, not everyone may die at the same time but eventually it will catch up to you no matter how rich or how poor. Poe doesn't just use disease to show how death can reach you, time is used in the short poem as well with the clock and seven rooms. The clock is described to be always ticking by. No matter how bad you want time to stop/go backwards or continue/go faster time regardless of your will will indefinitely go it's set pace. At the end of the story the clock does eventually "die" when the last party goer dies but that's not to say time itself stopped. It can be inferred that the perception of time dies when you die because when you die no matter how much time has passed you're still dead and will continue to be dead forever. The seven rooms in the story are harder to interpret as time but if you look hard enough it can be found.

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