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My Life in Exile

             I believe everyone in their life at one point seems left out or exiled. It's not always a bad thing though, like in my case, my exile experience is the reason I am here at NS. It might have been rough getting to where I am but it was truly worth it. It made me learn life lessons that I will never forget. Feeling exiled by my family put me through hell and back but I still came out stronger. That's how I learned that things always get better so there is never any reason to be down on yourself.
             It all started when my mo first met my step dad, it was right before my 4th birthday that she introduced us. I can't remember much about him until we moved in with him in Delaware before my 6th birthday. That's when the shit storm of my life started. Imeditly things changed my mom just acted different and my step-dad would always be an asshole that's all I ever saw him as even up to this point. It just seemed from the time that my mom and me moved in with him, she would never be the same with me when she is around him, even sometimes when he wasn't around. .
             It even got worse through the years, when we moved to New Jersey right before my 2nd grade year and that's when I really started to notice a difference in my mom and my hatred for my step dad increased. They got married later in March of that school year. As you can fiqure I hated it even more. Me and tim would fight a lot and my mom would never do anything All of 2nd through 4th grade my step dad made it a rule that if I got talkative on the weekly reports they gave out in my school, that I couldn't do anything like watch TV, hangout with my friends or even leave my room without a good reason. And let's just say I got talkative on the reports three out four times.so about seventy five percent of my weekends around those two years I was grounded. .
             Middle school wasn't any better(5th-8th). I guess the big deal now was I talked back a lot.

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